Antisemitism refers to hostility, prejudice, or discrimination against Jewish people. It was particularly heightened during the 1930s and 40s as fascist groups such as the Nazi Party rose to power, however, it existed long before Nazi Germany and unfortunately is still present in our own society today. Knowing that rising levels of Antisemitism resulted in the creation of the event known as the Holocaust should have been enough warning against its continual existence in our society. As members of Good Samaritan Catholic College we must endeavour to speak out against the evils of Antisemitism in all its forms. Students and staff wishing to learn more about Antisemitism are encouraged to watch the collection of videos below. They were all created by Yad Vashem, the official Holocaust memorial in Israel. More resources will be uploaded here in the lead up to Life Week 2020 and into 2021 when we commemorate the first Holocaust Memorial Week. Please also consider visiting the Yad Vashem Web Site for more information and resources on the Holocaust.