When Nazi Germany launched its invasion of Poland starting the Second World War they began the process that would eventually lead to the Holocaust. Poland had a vibrant Jewish population that Nazi Germany would begin to inflict suffering upon throughout the remainder of the war. The first stage of this process was the establishment of ghettos where Jewish people were forced to live in overcrowded, undernourished walled communities. Eventually the Jews that would survive these ghettos were sent to camps that either used them for forced labour or to immediate death. This systematic destruction of the Jewish people would continue all the way up to German defeat in 1945. The following videos developed by Yad Vashem, the official Holocaust memorial in Israel, tell the story of the many Jews that were forced to face unimaginable horrors at the hands of Nazi Germany and its collaborators. Despite all of these attempts to destroy the Jewish people, it would ultimately fail as many would survive to tell their story even to this very day.

More videos like these ones can be found on the Yad Vashem website.