Christ Chat


Exploring how Christ can empower us

and how we, the people, can empower ourselves and others



Christ Chat is the Encounter 2020 Prayer Group, serving to elevate spiritual thought and Catholic understanding on the teachings and values of Christ, and how this is relevant to the modern Catholic adherent and the greater community alike. Christ Chat accepts all students, staff and community members who seek to explore their faith and ask meaningful spiritual questions that serve to deepen their connectivity to themselves, their community and Christ.

Christ Chat pays credit to the Father Robert Galea (FRG) Ministry by establishing its sessions around current FRG podcasts. As a result, Christ Chat would involve a weekly reflection on the scripture of each designated week per FRG Ministry, where participants under the guidance of Catholic Life Leaders, Melanie Capili (12), Robert Pittavino (12), Allison Vella (11), and Retty Temareti (11), alongside other participants, question their interpretation of the week’s scripture, reflect on how this can empower their faith and connectivity with others and thus appreciate the importance of Christ and general spirituality in their everyday lives.

Christ Chat was influenced by the Lenten Prayer Group earlier this year as it demonstrated the success of collaborative student and staff scriptural discussion in deepening the spirituality at Good Samaritan Catholic College, however, it is unique in its intents and purposes. Christ Chat is a prayer group aiming to make Ordinary Times more meaningful and engaging for Catholic adherents and those longing for their spirituality. Consequently, Christ Chat is intended to be trialled in the remainder of this term as to determine whether or not it adequately satisfies the spiritual needs of Good Samaritan Catholic College. It is proposed that its launch date is Tuesday (23rd June 2020) between 8.00am to 8.25am, as not only does it provide the appropriate time to advertise for Christ Chat via Compass and other means, but it also symbolic of ending the school week with Christ and entering the weekend in his image and grace.



Christ Chat would follow a structure similar to what is presented below, however, this can be changed if another structure is deemed more appropriate in engaging participant’s activities and being more accommodating to the routines of students and staff at Good Samaritan Catholic College.

8.00am - 8.05 am


Participants will be welcomed by the hosts and invited to either silently reflect or interact with other participants while, hosts collaborate on any concerns and ideas related to the session


8.05am- 8.10am


The designated host(s), will read the scripture passage for that session and make reference to its FRG Ministry origins as to enlighten participants on the experiences and teachings of Christ in scripture

8.10am- 8.25am


Hosts will reinforce to participants that they can nominate whether they remain silent or vocal in discussion, as to individually determine how best their spiritual connection to the scripture is satisfied. The hosts will ask focus questions on the meaning and purpose of the scripture in relation to the theme of that session as to ignite the ideas and thoughts of participants, which encourages their spiritual expression with the group and thus Christ, as Christ is best seen in others. This stage serves to highlight the purpose of Christ Chat as it involves a ‘chat’ about Christ as represented in the scripture per an open discussion and reflection space provided to the participants by the hosts.


Christ Chat Logo designed by former student Yvonne Mudliar