The rise of Antisemitism in pre-war Europe portrayed the Jewish people as something to be feared. Nazi Germany in particular needed to dehumanise the Jewish people before it could succeed in its plan to remove them from European society. It is important to remember that we must always resist attempts by those who devalue human life and encourage discrimination. The videos on this page help to highlight the fact that the millions of Jewish people that lived throughout Europe were just like any other group of people at the time. While some Jewish people could be identified through their choice of clothing or the way that they celebrated their Jewish faith, many Jewish people would have appeared the same as any other person. Students and teachers are encouraged to view the videos below to gain a further insight into the very normal lives of Jews before the Holocaust. These videos highlight the wonderful humanity of the Jewish communities before they were impacted by the Holocaust.


More videos like these ones can be found on the Yad Vashem website.