Year 12 Retreat Day 3

From the Religious Education Coordinator

“Speak Lord, for your servant is listening”

On Friday 23rd April, we were able to have our very first offsite student retreat since 2019! The third day in our four day Year 12 Retreat Program was held in the glorious surrounds of Mount Schoenstatt Spirituality Centre in Mulgoa. While our first two days focused primarily on our pastoral care dimension, this one was special because we were able to spend some time focusing exclusively on the religious dimension of the College. In particular, students had the opportunity to enrich their own personal faith and spirituality by participating in activities that centred on prayer and social justice. It was very pleasing to see our Year 12 students engage in different types of prayer that will hopefully be of support to them throughout their HSC year. A full report on the day has been provided by Year 12 Encounter Youth Leader Damon Gambuti, but I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the staff who not only attended the day, but also positioned themselves as active role models of faith and social justice. Unlike previous retreats and reflection days, this one was completely facilitated by our dedicated teachers who each took on areas of responsibility ranging from leading students through Holy Rosary and Lectio Divina to social justice activities such as writing personal cards to nursing home residents. The day simply could not have been successful without their strong religious leadership. Finally I would like to thank the Year 12 class of 2021 for the way that entered into the spirit of the day. I would like to end this week’s newsletter by sharing part of a communication sent to us from the manager of the spirituality centre who thanks our staff and students for their behaviour on the day:

“Hi Matthew, it was great to have your group with us last Friday. All our staff commented on how polite they were and also made mention that the staff made known their gratitude. It is a great reflection on the teachers when a group of year 12 students show such respect and courtesy to others.”

How great it is to have such wonderful students and staff at our College, who are actively involved in our Catholic faith.

Mr Matthew Bradbury

Religious Education Coordinator

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