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RE News Term 1 Week 6

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

As we continue to make our way through the season of Lent, many of our students have accepted the call to prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. In the past weeks our Year 7 and Year 8 students have started attending many of the Encounter Youth Group activities on offer as part of their Religious Education classes. While for many of these students, the decision to attend these events was motivated by the need to complete their RE task, it has still been quite exciting to see so many students experience faith activities that t

hey have never experienced before. For the first time ever we have had full houses for Christ Chat, Holy Rosary, and Eucharistic Adoration just to name a few. I hope and pray that many of these students will continue to seek out these opportunities and experiences once their RE tasks are completed. For further information on the activities available to students and staff at Good Samaritan, I have included a summary of events in this newsletter and our Encounter Youth Website is always available at

In addition to our Lenten commitments, we as a school community are also encouraged to support our World Youth Day pilgrims. Our school has always been big supporters of World Youth Day and we are once again leading the way with 25 students registering for the pilgrimage to Portugal later in the year. Pilgrimage is one of the oldest traditions of our Church and leaving the comforts of home to deepen our faith in another country is a once in a lifetime opportunity. With increased financial pressures, the cost of pilgrimage can become a roadblock to many students accepting this opportunity. It is for this reason that I encourage members of our Catholic community to support our students by purchasing raffle tickets using the QR code included in this newsletter or navigating directly using this link. Funds from the sale of these tickets will be spread out amongst our pilgrims lightening the financial load for their families. In addition the prizes on offer in this raffle are also quite appealing so hopefully someone from our community will be lucky enough to take home one of the prizes.

I look forward to sharing more news on our Encounter Youth activities and the progress of our pilgrims as they begin undertaking their important faith formation in the coming months.

God Bless!

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