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Christ Chat

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to join our students in another session of the recently developed “Christ Chat” initiative from our Encounter Youth Group. The timing of this session, along with the choice of reading for the day, was incredibly fitting. For those of you unaware of what Christ Chat is, every Tuesday morning in the Chapel, the Catholic Life leaders facilitate a discussion of scripture in the College Chapel. The reading is selected by the students and it is led by the students themselves. A great initiative that is one example of many to show how Christ is alive at Good Samaritan.

This week’s choice of reading was Matthew 10:26-33 in which Jesus tells His disciples not to fear because God knows all and that each and every person has value beyond measure to Him. It led to a timely discussion about being able to hand over our fears and anxieties to God and to remind ourselves that regardless of how bad we feel, that God will never stop loving us. I asked the students present to keep this reading with them as their assessments approach since it is far too easy sometimes for students to feel as though their entire value in life rests on the results they receive. God knows all and He is always present in our lives. He wants to be present in our lives but we need to let Him in and we must always remember that sometimes He needs to work through us to remind others of His presence.

I strongly encourage our Good Samaritan community to consider attending a session of Christ Chat or to participate in any of the great initiatives being launched this year by Encounter Youth. For more information about these activities please visit the Religious Education Website.

Christ is alive and He wants you to be alive!

Mr Matthew Bradbury

Acting Religious Education Coordinator

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