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Mary arose and went with haste
Luke 1:39


World Youth Day is for young people who want to take part in a festive encounter centered on Jesus Christ together with their peers. This event is an opportunity to personally experience the universality of the Catholic Church, and to share with the whole world the hope of many young people who are committing their lives to Christ in His Church. World Youth Day is a unique way to deepen faith and grow closer to Christ, through prayer and the sacraments, together with hundreds of thousands of other young people.

Pilgrimage Options

Sydney Catholic Schools is currently offering three different options for students and staff. PDF brochures are included below which will provide you with more information.

Staff Pilgrims

Staff pilgrims are expected to:

  • participate in all pre-WYD preparation sessions organised by SCS

  • pay a $2000 co-contribution towards the cost of the pilgrimage

  • give personal witness to the teachings of the Gospel

  • participate in daily liturgy, prayer and reflection while on pilgrimage

  • participate with other pilgrims in visiting and valuing significant religious sites throughout the entire pilgrimage experience

  • actively engage in the core elements of World Youth Day week, including the opening Mass, scheduled Catechesis, Stations of the Cross, the Pope’s Arrival, the Pilgrim Walk, Vigil and the final Mass

  • participate in the post-WYD three day retreat, prior to departure from Portugal

  • perform occasional rostered night-time supervision duties of students in Portugal

  • attend post-WYD lived response and other faith formation activities and events organised by Sydney Catholic Schools.

 Application process:

  • As part of the application process, applicants must first complete the Principal and Parish Priest Endorsement Form.

  • Once you have completed the Principal and Parish Priest Endorsement Form, please complete the online application form, where an image/scan of the endorsement is required to be uploaded.

  • To assist applicants in their choice of pilgrimage option, three brochures outlining the respective itinerary options are linked above.

  • Completed applications, with endorsement form, are to be submitted by Friday, 14 October 2022.

  • Release Funding: The cost of covering relief for staff pilgrims will be borne by the school.

  • Contact: For further inquiries, please contact Robert Haddad on 0408 250 727 or 

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