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Lenten Prayer Group
Christ Chat


Exploring how Christ can empower us

and how we, the people, can empower ourselves and others



The Lenten Prayer Group takes over from our regular Christ Chat sessions throughout the season of Lent. While it runs similar to Christ Chat with a discussion of the Sunday Gospel Readings, the Lenten Prayer Group also involves a special prayer program designed to prepare students and staff for the Easter season. In 2022 we will be using the "Come back to me" Lenten Companion produced by the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney to run each session. A copy of the pdf resource has been included below so that participants can do some pre-reading before each session.

Weekly sessions will take place in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel every Tuesday at recess from Week 6 to Week 10 of Term 1 2022.

Christ Chat Logo designed by former student Yvonne Mudliar

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